Diary entries (2) of David Eichel


1917-1919 circa


Diary entries (2) of David Eichel


1917-1919 circa


WWI conscientious objection / objectors


Eichel, David


DG 131: Eichel Family Papers


Swarthmore College Peace Collection


Eichel, David


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Thursday 26 - (9)

This morning I went up the mess hall to see whether or not I'd be given a regular breakfeast. Only bread and water was placed upon the table. That means no food for me.

Ser. Lt. Rike came in and looked around. Brandin handed him the letter to the Col. Immediately he flared up and demanded "Where did you get paper and ink. He ordered that a thorough search be made of our quarters for any writing material.

The lieut siezed the letter and started to tear it - but stopped short and went out with it.

He returned presently and looked about the room, noticed that we were not eating the bread and water and demanded whether we were on a hunger strike. We answered no - we want food. We did not propose to ruin our health with bread and water.

He gazed round the table and happened to catch my eye. He stared at me and returned the stare. He grew uneasy and asked me whether I was admiring his handsome appearance and attire. I answered I was. Well look around - I told him I saw no reason for looking around. Take him down to solitary came the order to the Segt. That settled me. I ought to know better that look upon his royal highness. Prince Pike.

Steiner returned from Heap (?).

Moore went to Heap (?).

Brandin put in solitary - for handing lieut the letter.

Lt. Pike at 6 P.M. came round and told Katz that he was in Solitary for having looked at him to intently. Katz denied the charge, you probably are refering to Eichel. Oh that's right - he turned to me - guard here on gaping at me. I asked him whether he considered this sufficient provocation for putting a man in solitary. No - but you're a leader. And I want to break up the gang. Well lieut - you'll learn before long that every man in here is a leader after few unimportant words he left.

Friday 27.

Still on bread and water. Have gone without food over 2 days. But will eat at noon.


Eichel, David, “Diary entries (2) of David Eichel ,” Conscientious Objection & the Great War: 1914-1920, accessed October 26, 2021, https://cosandgreatwar.swarthmore.edu/items/show/81.

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