Letter May 24, 1919 from David Eichel to Parents




Letter May 24, 1919 from David Eichel to Parents




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Eichel, David


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Letter [#49] from David Eichel, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

[May 24, 1919]

Dear folks:

We have again become hardened to our new surroundings and it’s about time something happened. Not that we are too comfortable here, but comfortable is not comfortable. I have grown so accustomed to being moved around that I have come to accept that as a matter of course. We are never permitted to thoroly adapt ourselves to our environment. Just when we are about to achieve that point, why then it’s time to be moved.

We are still being denied outdoor recreation and we have grown inured to that too. The Major calls every morning to see whether any of the men are going to take exercise under military drill. None of the men go out however.

I believe Julius has written you about the riot that took place here Tuesday. We saw what was probably the beginning, but because of the position of our wing we could not see the big mix-up which took place in the main part of the yard, altho we could here distinctly the shrieks and cries of pain. Newspaper reports say that one prisoner was shot in the leg, and quite a few sentries are in the hospital as a result of the beatings. You need not worry about us, for we were securely


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