Letter April 22, 1919 from David Eichel to Parents




Letter April 22, 1919 from David Eichel to Parents




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Eichel, David


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[April 22, 1919]

Dear folks:

I am writing this to you in quite an impatient spirit. For some unknown reason, all so-called political prisoners who have refused to work & had been quartered in the Stockade, have been moved back to the Post Guard House. Just now 32 men are in one cage, 36 ft. long, 26 ft. wide and 9 ft. high. These measurements are exact. I used a ruler to make a close survey. This is apparently far from a desireable [sic] condition. There is hardly enough room to move around, & so many men huddled together necessarily make the little air that manages to reach us foul and insufficient, & it is only

a question of a very short time before we lost that little vitality which we had been able to acquire thru outdoor exercise at the Stockade. Needless to say we all few this new outrage keenly.

We are also terribly inconvenienced for toilet facilities. We are now using one wash-room wherein there are 2 wash-basins, 1 toilet seat, 1 urinal, and 1 shower. This is all the accommodation [sic] for 50 C.O's in two cages and a good number of prisoners from the D.B's who are here for various other reasons.

I cannot tell what the next move is going to be, but certainly we cannot stay in this hole and retain our health very long. Don't misunderstand

me, we are not being mistreated, nor are we in imminent danger, but something must be done to get us out of this hole. It was bad in winter, & you can imagine how much worse it is at this time of the year.

We received Phil's letter of Apr. 12. I'll write more in my next letter.

Regards to all,

Box 60

P.S. When I asked to go and to urinate, I was told to use a bucket. You see added to the air naturally foul from the close quarters we are compelled

to endure the stench of a urinal bucket.


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