Letter July 23, 1918 from Norman Thomas to Violet Thomas




Letter July 23, 1918 from Norman Thomas to Violet Thomas




Letter with news about Evan Thomas and other WWI C.O.s


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Thomas, Norman


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Mrs. Norman Thomas
Ridgefield, Conn.

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118 East 28th Street, New York City

My dearest:
I’ve just come in from a little walk in the park where a round red moon shines down thru the hot sky upon a crowd of men and women and children. Fortunately a little breeze brings some respite from the day’s heat. Scott Nearing dined with me and we agreed we were glad our children weren’t here (I wish I could be sure how you are.) He by the way hopes to enter his children about Tommy’s & Billy’s ages in the Quaker school “where they don’t teach murder” and is looking about for some cheap place where his wife & family may live (& of course himself if he isn’t sent either to jail or Congress. He’s the

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Socialist candidate.

We had a most interesting evening. I’ve had an awfully full day at the office where the wilted looks of the women compelled the purchase of an electric fan. Somehow heat seems to be delaying our printers but I hope to get up to you Thurs. night if you stick it out yourself. I wish I could have heard from you.

I must try to-morrow to do something about the top floor. Things here are very nice and Magda does well.

No news from Evan or anybody else of interest. I’ve tried to get an appointment with Judge Mack who is to be in town I hear to-morrow. – Richard Roberts & his wife were in town. He seems chipper – is working on a book – for a pacifist is uncommonly jubilant over the military situation which is most encouraging. Nevertheless ______ [illegible word]

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got a message via a returned army officer (Socialist!) from the French socialists who say they can’t stand another six months. 250,000 men struck in Paris June 6th & no news of it in our papers! The strike was not a long one & seems to have been a sort of peace protest – I don’t know the details.

I that meeting at Rye last Sat. was interesting but shed little new light. The Dept. of Justice had three agents[?] in hand.

Goodnight, sweet dreams, God bless you is all that I can say to Mrs. Norman[?] & all the chicks


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It is very hot but the house is nice & I am getting along all right. I wish I were at all sure you & ____ [illegible name] were. It would be nice to sit now in the moonlight with you & maybe the chicks but instead I must talk to Walter who is here going over stuff for the paper which his ____ [illegible word] imprisoning[?] delayed. Just now Gilbert came also!

There is no news except a telegram from Roger who says the Board was at Leavenworth Friday & Saturday and that he is somewhat hopeful. I enclose Evan’s letter. Please return.

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With lots of love to all & most to you, my dearest.

Monday night


Thomas, Norman, “Letter July 23, 1918 from Norman Thomas to Violet Thomas,” Conscientious Objection & the Great War: 1914-1920, accessed June 7, 2020, https://cosandgreatwar.swarthmore.edu/items/show/1629.

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