Letter February 17, 1920 from Julius Eichel to David Eichel




Letter February 17, 1920 from Julius Eichel to David Eichel




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Eichel, Julius


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262 Stanton Street
New York, Feb. 17, 1920
Dear Dave

One of your requests before I left was that I subscribe to some newspapers for you. I have neglected to do so, for none of my errands brought me within the neighborhood of the Tribune building. I will make it a special point, however, to go down to the building this week.

I was out with L. again last night. Together we went up to Carnegie Hall to hear Isaac Don Levine talk on the truth of Russia. Rabbi Judas L. Magnas presided. The meeting was well attended for every seat in the house was sold. A great many people were compelled to pay for standing room. I met a good number of our friends up at the meeting. Norman Thomas was up with his wife. We spoke about the Alcatraz jail for awhile. You know conditions there are just as stupid and rotten as ever. The commandant there hasn't learned his lesson as yet. I spoke to Magnas too. He was surprised to learn that Sterenstien is the only man being held of the three he met in Fort Jay. He asked me the reason for this

obvious discrimination. Norman answered for me by saying it was the policy of the government to confuse everyone in the cutting of C.O. sentences.

Isaac Don Levine is not an orator and has a slight Jewish accent. He made his points clear, however, and in his comparisons of our own government with that of efficient Soviet Russia he brought the house down with applause.

Your friend wants me to see him again Thursday noon. He has asked me to extend his heartiest regards to you, for in your whole stand, you have earned his warmest esteem. He thinks the world of you. I believe he will have a good deal to say to you when he sees you.

With love and regards from the folks and friends, I am

Your Brother

Julius Eichel

I was invited to supper by the Hymans to-night.


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