Letter August 2, 1918 from Julius Eichel to David Eichel




Letter August 2, 1918 from Julius Eichel to David Eichel




WWI conscientious objection / objectors


Eichel, Julius


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Letter to David Eichel from Julius Eichel, Camp Upton, New York [August 2, 1918] Friday Dear Dave:

I just recieved [sic] your letter but a great part of your letter is deleted so that the letter has taken on altogether a puzzling expression.

The whole first page is left intact. And from the top of the second page, until the part where you tell me that the notice to transfer you was entirely unexpected, was blotted out. Then I get the fact that you have refused to do any work and that your conscience bothered you when you cut up the tent. Again here the censor has blotted out the last third of the page. And then again the top third of the last page has been blotted out. In all I can surely say that a little more than

than a page of your letter is not readable. But I can understand just about how you are being treated.

Today just as I recieved [sic]your letter, Sam and I were sentenced. Rodolf as yet hasn't been sentenced.

My sentence reads as follows: Sentence

To be dishonorably discharged the service and to be confined
at hard labor, at such place as the reviewing authority may direct
for twenty (20) years, and to forfeit all pay and allowances now due
or to become due.


In the forgoing case of Private Julius Eichel (24444775), 16th Co.
152nd Dep. Brig, the sentence is approved, but that portion thereof
adjudging dishonorable discharge is suspended until the soldiers
release from confinement.
The Atlantic Branch, United States Disciplinary barracks, Fort
New York, is designated as the place of confinement.
By command of Maj. Gen. Bell
M.E. Hayer
Major Inf. N.A.
Chief of Staff


R.V. Hiscoe
Major, Infantry, N.A.

I copied the sentence with all errors just as it was given to me. Samuel Sterenstein recieved the same kind of a statement with the exception that he recieved (30) years as a sentence. Some sentence!

Charlie Clodi is also with us and sleeps on a bunk besides me. He recieved a sentence of twenty years. A colored religious

C.O. recieved a sentence of 20 years. We are all to go to Fort Jay to serve out our term.

I'll try to break the news to the folks gradually.

The boys here all send their regards. Give our regards to all.

Keep up the good spirits and don't be worried on my account for I'll be able to take care of myself.


Detention Barracks
16th St. & 2nd Ave.
Upton, NY


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