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"The cases of Jacob Wipf and the three Hofer brothers, religious objectors to war, two of whom died from the effects of military atrocities in American prisons" as "told on the hospital cot by Jacob Wipf"
"A narrative by David Hofer, which corroborates and amplifies 'Crucifixtions in the 20th Century,' though rendered without knowledge of the story told by Jacob Wipf."
poem written by WWI C.O.

Autobiography including childhood, Quaker education, and conscientious objection.
Published letters from Erling Lunde to his father about his time in the hospital in Fort Leavenworth.
Published letter from Erling Lunde to his father about "revelations of filth in our military prison life"
historical article re: House of David C.O.s
"Introducing examples of brutalities, tortures, and deaths to political prisoners under military regime."
Report published in an attempt to launch a Congressional investigation into the Fort Leavenworth events of 1919.
poem written by WWI C.O.
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