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Allinson, Brent Dow. Collected Papers (CDG-A)

Baer, Isaac M. Papers (LMHS)


papers of Mennonite conscientious objector from WWI

Baldwin, Roger Nash. Collected Papers (CDG-A)

Briehl, Fred. Collected Papers (CDG-A)

Brockway, A. Fenner. Collected Papers. (CDG-B Great Britain)


Cameron, Holland. Collected Papers (CDG-A)

Caplovitz, Philip. Collected Papers (CDG-A)


Catchpool, T. Corder. Collected Papers (CDG-B Great Britain)

Committee of 100 Friends of Conscientious Objectors (CDG-A)

Cope, Paul Markley. Collected Papers (CDG-A)

Dana, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Papers (DG 011)


Set of letters etc. from or about WWI conscientious objectors. For more information about the full Dana collection see…

DeRosa, Ulysses. Collected Papers (CDG-A)

Doty. William N. Collected Papers (CDG-A)

Ebersole, Benjamin. Stauffer Papers (LMHS)


papers of a Mennonite conscientious objector in WWI

Eichel Family Papers (DG 131)

Diaries, letters and documents by, to and about David Eichel and Julius Eichel

Good, I.B. Papers (LMHS)

papers of advisor to WWI conscientious objectors

Gray, Harold Studley, Collected Papers (CDG-A)

Hess, Maurice. Collected Papers (CDG-A).


2 letters to his sister, Mrs. Annabel Wolfson

Hoffman, Wray. Collected Papers (CDG-A)


Holland, Cameron. Collected Papers (CDG-A)