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DeRosa, Ulysses. Collected Papers (CDG-A)

Cope, Paul Markley. Collected Papers (CDG-A)

Committee of 100 Friends of Conscientious Objectors (CDG-A)

Cameron, Holland. Collected Papers (CDG-A)

Briehl, Fred. Collected Papers (CDG-A)

Baldwin, Roger Nash. Collected Papers (CDG-A)

Allinson, Brent Dow. Collected Papers (CDG-A)

Hoffman, Wray. Collected Papers (CDG-A)

New York Bureau of Legal Advice Collected Records (CDG-A)

Letters and documents written and received to/from/about conscientious objectors

Eichel Family Papers (DG 131)

Diaries, letters and documents by, to and about David Eichel and Julius Eichel

Kantor, William. Collected Papers (CDG-A)


Documents relating to conscientious objector William Kantor.