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Letter March 1, 1918 from David Eichel to Parents


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recommended for deportation? If so what is the attitude of the administration towards these recommendation?

The above questions are a matter of deep concern to us just now. We would like to know whether it is going to be necessary for us to go thru again the same excruciating experiences of the past. I would suggest that you also communicate the above to the C.L.B.

Henforth Julius and I will write you every other day whether we have anything to write or not. If you do not hear from us for a period greater than ordinary mail complications would warrant take it for granted that something has happened and send a letter w a night telegram to Wash.

Julius and I are both in excellent health. We are improving ourselves as best we can - by reading and a little study. If we knew our definite period of confinement we would get any essential text books & study. As it is we don't know when we're al {?].

Our love and regards to all.
your loving son

P.S. The prisoners have again gone on strike. I cannot explain the trouble now. I think it is a case of general dissatisfaction. The strike started Mon. morning (Mar. 3). The gangs refused to go out - when ordered out by the yard sergeant.

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