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Letter November 10, 1918 from David Eichel to Parents


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work and have quite and are now suffering the consequences. With them suffering similar treatment, are Monsky, Block, Shotkin, Franklin who were with me at Funston, Uren another Russian, Clave and Buck from Camp Meade and one or two others whom I do not know. Everyday brings it additional quote of C.O's and most of those coming now are of the real absolute and consistent type and will stand out against the inconsistent policy set by those who preceeded them here. Mind you, I do not desire to censure the actions of men like Julius, Sterenstin, Robinson who made their valient fight at Jay but it certainly is highly disappointing to me to find that out of so great a number of C.O's confined there, there are so few absolutists.

Today I went through the novel experience of being placed on record with criminals and other offenders, now serving -- previously quartered here. I was measured, had my finger prints taken, my handsome and angellic face was snapped for the rogues gallery and my blood was tested for venereal disease. I tell you folks, its a sensation that comes once in a life time, that of being treated like a real and dangerous criminal. Really its a divine comedy.

I received letters from Mr. Harry Langman, 34 West 61st Street, Mr. George Robinson, 112 West 141st Street and Miss Sibyl Minster, 656 Crotona Park South, Bronx, N.Y. You will please thank them for writing me and tell them that I am now confined in Ft. Leavenworth. You might tell them of my general attitude and my intended conduct will at this place. You will please write to Henry Klein, Met. Life Ins. Co. 11 East 24th St. and give him a similar description. I wrote Langman and Klein from Funston but I have grave and serious doubts whether they ever received my letters.

The newspaper reports of the New York election are woefully disappointing, though the Socialist vote in itself is very encouraging. It appears that the combination of the old parties was highly effective. But the issue here after will be clear cut.

On the other hand, the World affairs are indeed bright and glorious. The Hohenzollern dynasty is apparently so badly shot to pieces, that its death, buriel and obituary is being expected every day. With it will come peace. It is extremely interesting to note* * * * *etc.

To complete this letter I'll return and describe my trip here. We left Funston at 5:30 p.m. and travelled until about 10. Our guards left us overnight at a jail in Kansas City, Mo. The jail building was apparently a recent structure, yet the cell tier was an atrocity, a most henious crime against humanity. It had been constructed to house human beings yet it was intolerably stuffy and foul smelling. I looked all around for a window but could find none. I cannot believe that the place contained no windows at all but I do assert that they were so effectively hidden that the human eye could not see them. Roaches and bugs were thorougly at home and gave my two companions and me a royal welcome. I can't say I enjoyed their society much.

Well folks I may not be in a position to write you for some time now but I hope you will remember that failure to receive mail from me is not due to careless neglect on my part. However, keep writing me and Julius, all the time. Don't be surprised to see Julius take the absolute stand again. I know he is not deriving much pleasure out of his compromise and he reserves the right to quite whenever he feels that he can no longer continue.

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