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Letter April 10 1919 from Joe ___to David Eichel


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Piece Conference. I use piece correctly as it has developed to a stage where each country wants a piece of some other country. And Debs was put in jail for 10 years for saying that the purpose of the allies, was plunder. And Galileo was tortured for saying the earth moves. History repeats itself, say the philosophers and as Marx adds, first as a tragedy and then as a farce.

And the spinach act is still here. Every body [sic] is wondering whether the high prices [?] are coming down to see the county they were raised in. They expect much quiet after July 1st and perhaps it is because a great many people will keep a still in the house. It is expected that we will have freedom of the seas but we will still have to pay anywheres up to a $1.00 to bathe in the Atlantic ocean.

The Bolshevicki are still

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