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Letter 1918 from David Eichel to ____ Langman


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elimination I figured the civilian at Mack’s left to be the remaining member of the Com. Dean Stone. Judging by the corpulence of the commision they appeared in no wise effected by the high cost of living, nor by Hoover's’ efforts [?]. Mack who did all the talking seemed to regard the matter lightly and undulged in witticism and humorous remarks at every opportunity. He began in the [illegible word] way by asking [illegible] and then completely upset me by asking What’s your trouble? I hesitated and then gave the most natural answer. Nothing save that because of socialist and humanitarian doctrines, I hold conscientious scruples against war.

I was then asked whether or not my religion in any way interfered with my participating in war. I assured them that it did not. He then argued that all socialist are not opposed to war. I agreed with him but informed him that this was an individual stand. That I could never justify force and murder.

Do you believe in the class struggle? Yes sir, but that does not imply the use of force. I believe in accomplishing all our ends peaceably, thru the use of the ballot.

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