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Letter October 1, 1918 from David Eichel to Anna ____


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Returned to me on grounds too long – [illegible word] must write on one side of paper.

Dear Anna:

I had written a rather lengthy letter to you, but I was a bit unwise and was compelled to rewrite it.

I received your letter of the 20 th Sept, and from it I glean that my last letter to you apparently went astray since you state that you were at a loss to explain my failure to write.

Since the 17 th of Sept. I have assumed the status of a prisoner. Assumed is hardly the word since I was absolutely passive in the matter. My offense is not of a sensational character. I merely could not comply with Col. Waterman’s order to shovel some rubbish and tin cans into a truck. Hence with a majestic wave of his hand, I was ordered to the guard house. This procedure was continued every subsequent day so that now every CO – almost 100 in all, is a prisoner. Previous to my transfer from the Riley guard house to my present quarters, we were interviewed by Maj. Kellog who has replaced Maj. Stoddard on the Inquiry Board and again asked to accept some alternative service. At Riley we were under the tender mercies of a second lieut. Whenever he felt indisposed he would take it out of some CO. But at no time did I find conditions absolutely intolerable. Our treatment here however except for one or two isolated occasions has been uniformly excellent and beyond reproach. We are given ample opportunity for fresh air and sunshine and outdoor exercise, and inse – and that helps some.

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