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Military Service Act 1916

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[Ch. 104.] Military Service Act, 1916. [5 & 6 Geo. 5.]

whether any exemption comes within the sphere of one Department or another, the question shall be referred to the Treasury, and the decision of the Treasury thereon shall be final for the purposes of this section.

Where a certificate is granted by a Government Department to a class or body of men, regulations made under this Act with respect to the constitution, function and procedure of Local Tribunals may provide for the grant of individual certificates to men belonging to that body or class by Local Tribunals in such cases and subject to such provisions as may be prescribed by the regulations.

(3) Any certificate of exemption may be absolute, conditional, or temporary, as the authority by whom it was granted think best suited to the case, an also in the case of an application on conscientious grounds, may take the form of an exemption from combatant service only, or may be conditional on the applicant being engaged in some work which in the opinion of the Tribunal dealing with the case is of national importance:

Provided that a certificate granted on the ground of the continuance of education or training, or on the ground of exceptional financial or business obligations or domestic position, shall be a conditional or temporary certificate only.

No certificate of exemption shall be conditional upon a person to whom it is granted continuing in or entering into employment under any specified employer of in any specified place or establishment.

(4) Where a conditional certificate is granted the conditions upon which it is granted shall be stated on the certificate.

(5) Any Government Department may direct that any certificates granted by or on behalf of that Department before the appointed date as to employment on work for war purposes may be treated as certificates of exemption for the purposes of this Act.

(6) Where a certificate of exemption is destroyed, missing, or defaced, the authority by whom it was granted shall, upon the application of the man to whom it was granted and upon payment of a fee of a shilling, issue a duplicate of the certificate to him.

(7) The Local Tribunal, Appeal Tribunal, and Central Tribunal shall be constituted in accordance with the provisions of the Second Schedule to this Act, and any decision of the Local Tribunal or Appeal Tribunal shall be subject to appeal as provided in that Schedule.

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