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Ms. "The First World War"

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their courage and outstanding bravery manifested in their suffering, a suffering that in a few instances culminated in death. Professor C.H. Wedel says that conscience is sensitive like the eyeball and tolerates no external pressure. Each conscience is non-elastic. If a man takes nine hours daily chained to the bars of his cell instead of light work with full meals, whereas in solitary he gets only bread and water then it is evident that conscience does not always act in line of least resistance. Captain Fisk in charge of the farm colony, after getting acquainted with the everyday life of the C.O.’s, once made this statement, “I believe there is something like objecting to war on religious grounds.” Another captain was asked by a press reporter how long it would be before the long-bearded objectors would be converted into fighting men. He replied that it would take another incarnation.

The Spanish influenza made its first appearance in many generations in this country in the fall and winter of 1918-1919. It did not hit all sections of our country at once. We had been reading of the epidemic in eastern cities while we remained unmolested in our little city. Then all of a sudden it broke over us like a storm follows a hot summer day. It came with terrific fury. Everyone seemed sick at once. We had been reading of the filled hospitals in other places, now our hospitals and mortuaries were hopelessly over-taxed. I myself was in the hospital about two weeks, my wife was dangerously ill in the nearby city, but made a quick recovery and as soon as able she called to see me and found me still in the hospital. My recovery was normal but not complete as I retained a permanent injury to my vocal cords. They say figures don’t lie, but liars figure. Someone with a knack for figures and figured out

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