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Ms. "The First World War"

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to have a member of my family located in the city of Leavenworth, only two miles distant. In this way my wife could visit me Saturday and Sunday afternoons quite regularly. The prisoners and their visitors all met in a great hall where they sat on seats or benches and conversed together and also ate a lunch prepared by their visitors. Of course, we were under constant surveillance, for often visitors were tempted to abuse this cherished privilege, by smuggling contraband articles to their friends. The authorities had to be on the alert constantly for weapons or money. Here I learned to appreciate Matt. 25:36, “I was in prison and ye came unto me.” Especially is the prisoner lonesome when in the hospital. His fellow prisoners cannot very easily see him there. It is much easier for an outsider to obtain a special permit to go to one in the hospital.

A few things about the prisoner body in general, such as the temperament or morals. The following does not apply to the C.O.s. Although during my stay at the D.B. for about seven months everything went fairly orderly and peaceful externally viewed, yet underneath there was easily perceptible an undercurrent of unrest and tension. The prisoner body was a rather mixed affair as regards the character of the men. Some were seasoned criminals, others had only made a beginning in that direction; then again a large share of the convicts were built of breaking the military rules, such as getting drunk, going AWOL (absent without leave), the “do-as-you-please” type. The moral state in general was low. Wickedness and sin is rampant. It was here that I learned of the existence of a practice which brought the downfall of the ancient city of Sodom, Gen. 19:4-9. Men are impulsive even on slight provocation. The spirit of revenge is strong. If a prisoner wanted to do something more

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