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Ms. "The First World War"

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forced to carry our luggage if we did not care to abandon it. It was about half a mile to go and those with heavy luggage had their first taste of persecution, as the squad of guards coached us along.

Marvel not mine ancient friend Like beginning like the end Quoth the Laird of Ury. Is the sinful servant more Than his gracious Lord who bore Bonds and stripes in Jewry? Give me joy that in His name I can bear, with patient frame, All these vain ones offer. While for them He suffered long Shall I answer wrong with wrong, Scoffing with the scoffer?

Arriving at the Stockade our personal effects were likewise taken into custody. Money, jewelry, watches, cameras, razors etc. were all taken from us and deposited in a tent, outside the stockade, which was guarded by a soldier. A few of us were given receipts, and the rest and to go without. Much of the above property never was returned to us. Five hundred dollars is a conservative estimate of value of goods and cash stolen. We do not know who got it all, but some of the items were taken by those who were detailed to watch them. Some watches and pens were actually identified by us prisoners when we saw them being worn by guards. Well, this was a minor matter and caused us no sleepless nights; especially so in contrast to other things that occupied our attention.

While in the Stockade awaiting our trials we went on working just as the rest of the prisoners, each man under close guard. We earned our daily bread by working in the reclamation yards and graveling roads. In every respect we were treated like other prisoners, and got along tolerable well with our colleagues in infamy, except that some complained

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