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Ms. "The First World War"

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no twenty volunteer we will take twenty and you will go to the Remount today.” This was the sum and substance of his talk, and very nearly an exact quotation. He had not said so very much but he said it in such a way that it left a taste in nearly every ones [sic] mouth. It was plain that he meant business, yet no one volunteered. The next twenty-four hours was a time of great anguish and much prayer – yes, we pray more when in trouble – every one felt in his own heart that we were approaching a crisis. To disobey meant persecution, to obey meant giving ground. It meant to betray our church, our profession and our covenant. In times like this there rages deep in the part of man, where no man can approach, a conflict as fierce as any fought with fire and steel in the carnal realm, and it is very telling on body and mind. The one voice, the fear of man, the glorious opportunities for advancement, the honor of the world, the safty [sic] of the loved ones at home, against the Higher voice: “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me., Matt. 16:24. Every inch of ground is contested to the limit of the opposing forces. This is the time when help is needed. Hebr. 4:16.

The following afternoon May 16, 1918 we were ordered to move to our new home near the stockade, but before the order was half carried out a new order countermanding the first, came, which called for closing the books and dissolving the Surplus Detachment. Twenty of us were sent to the Remount and the rest (thirteen) to the Q.M. I was with the group going to the Remount. We went over there at 5:00 p.m. fixed up our quarters for the night, but when bedtime came we could not sleep. It was a time of watching and praying lest we FALL in this temptation. The next morning our seargent [sic] grouped us into squads and assigned us to our duties

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