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Ms. "The First World War"

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page 19

1918, we had the following commanding officers, Captain S____, Captain Beaver, Captain Metcalf, and Lieutenant Taylor, of which the last three were kind, considerate and tactful, in short, they were gentlemen. The boys of the Surplus Detachment became very much attached to Captain Beaver so that when the time came for his transfer we made him a neat gift as a token of our appreciation. This not said in a spirit of selfpraise [sic] but merely to show that it is possible for men of different views to live together in harmony. It was through the recommendation of Captain Beaver that the Division HDQRS granted me a fifteen day furlough at a time [when] most such applications were denied.

About the last event of importance in connection with the Surplus Detachment, was the visit of the Division Commander. His exact purpose was not made known to us, but he had a short lively chat with a number of the boys. One he asked why he had on a uniform, the next one he asked why he did not have one on; to some answers he replied, “I don’t believe you” etc. One day (we were about to be moved to our new home where a messhall had been built for us near the Division Stockade) Major B. from the Remount came to the S. Det. We were called into the messhall and he spoke to us in the following manner, “I have come to you with facts, -- not lies. The Remount is short twenty men, and the Division Headquarters agreed to give me twenty of you. I can do the choosing. You will have the privilege of a meeting one hour each Sunday in the Y.M.C.A. if you so desire. You will have to drill, take care of sick animals, and obey all orders. If your refuse to obey I’ll make you wish you were in h___. I am a gentile and my religion is summed up in two words – play fair. If

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