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Ms. "The First World War"

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page 11

for it was to my great delight and comfort that here I met my first C.O. friend in this Camp, and he seemed to be equally delighted in me, and had a lot to relate when the opportunity came. He came from Funston, and had had experiences parallel to mine, and was assigned to the same mess. He too was with the 109 Engineer Corps the week before, but in a different company. Our ties of friendship grew. Here during our stay of ten weeks some important things happened. We went through all the injections of vaccine and virus and other red tape the same as the rest of the soldiers. My stay in the officers mess afforded me a splendid opportunity to acquaint myself with the general average ethics of men who were brought up under the strict military discipline. Some of these men, of course, being reserve officers, were “young” in the service (ninety-day officers). Others were quite old, even gray haired. There were about thirty-two in all that ate at this mess. Many of these were very nice and accomodating [sic]; real gentlemen, whom I openly admired although we differed violently on a great moral issue. Officers feed well. We were not required to observe any feed regulations as far as I recollect. The officers paid for their board and could have anything the market offered, except liquor, which was not dispensed openly. At home people were rationed in this and that and were bound to substitutes and meatless days etc. A program of food restriction that discriminates between classes, in my opinion is open to criticism. True enough officers and soldiers pay a great price with their service, but for which they get fair pay materially, and much honor and praise of the world, and it seems to exempt such free necessary food restrictions is unjust.

About two weeks after I had been in the Fourth Co. 59th D. Brig.

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