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Letter April 24, 1919 from Erling Lunde to Norman Thomas

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Cant/ 7

April 24/ 19

Norman Thomas

Dear Sir:

The 25 men from Cant. 7 to Post Guard House day before yesterday were: Herman, Sandin, Burke, Seidenberg, E Coggins, Moore, Powell, Bloch, Platan, H Lee, Crofton, D & J Eichel, Kamman, Grunzig, Monsky, J Wortsmann, Breidart, Briehl, Burmeister, Hangan, Caplovitz, Rose and Shotkin.

Among those who were over there are: Clave, O James, Bernstein, Kaplan, Steiner, Breger, Lassen, Gus Wortsmann, Poplovitch, Jerger, Wilson, Dempsey, Cage, La Cacila, Blair and the Russians John Corstysh, Sam Trichowik, John Huk, Sergei Coval, Nikita Shkorko, Steef Trusovich, Mike Suchoverchi, Max Danilevitch, Marsank, ___? and ___?

I saw Coggins and Jarger this morning in the yard of the Disciplinary Barracks and received oral confirmation of this note. The whole affair was entirely unprovoked and was an outrage. The reason many men were still up and dressed was because they were still awaiting their turns at the lone toilet. The garrison prisoners upstairs made a great deal of noise prior to this affair, and they, if anybody, should have gotten the water. The “O D” was the Post O D and not the D B officer of the day. He was a Captain in the 49th infantry.

This calls for immediate and vigorous action or their [sic] will be some fatalities. We’re sending copies to father and Milwaukee, but don’t know whether they’ll all get them.

Colonel Williams (formerly Brig-Gen, the officer who investigated the Funston “Reign of terror”) is on the post inspecting. (Has been here for several days) Rumor has it that he is on to replace Col Rice and institute the Iron Rule. The segregation of all C o’s in cant #6 and the transfer of the politicals for [from] C7 to Post G H and the removal of many “hard guys” to Alcatraz would seem to indicate a change of methods. Self-government by Prisoners Committee is evidently all over with.

Father has details by this time and will no doubt advise you.

The weather has turned very chilly with the result that those men are in serious danger of pneumonia.

Sincerely yours

(Signed) Erling

This was the original that was smuggled to me. E.

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