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Letter April 22, 1919 and Letter April 26, 1919 from Jacob Wortsman [Wortsmann] (extracts)

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Extracts from Letter [by] Jacob Wortsman [Wortsmann]

April 22, 1919

Dear Folks:-

Just a few lines of a change which occurred this morning. I must hasten in order to get this into today’s outgoing mail.

All but one of the political prisoners from the stockade were this morning transferred to the guard house. The one political objector who was not moved is Abe Abrams. ------ So far as we know, the 22 religious and the one political objector will for the present remain in the stockade - - - - - Conditions here are barely tolerable. The 25 men who were sent here this morning and 34 who were here total 59. 34 of us occupy one cell and the balance the other. This of course leaves us hardly room enough to even change our minds. The entire group has to get along somehow with only one toilet, although a bucket is placed in each cage. The food is given to us inside of our cells. So you see in our crowded condition with an emergency pail in the cell eating our meals in the cell without exercise or fresh air our surroundings can hardly be said to be conducive to good health - - - - - Col. Williams just entered this cell. One of our men approached him in order to explain conditions to him, but the Col. refused to grant him this interview. This man asked the Col. if he would permit him to speak a moment, to which the Co. curtly replied “No”. Gus and I are now together which is quite a consolation and the fact that the entire old bunch are together again makes us feel quite cheerful.


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